Loaf Lounge

Lifestyle concept store

About 2007/12/06

Loaf Lounge

Lifestyle concept store

Restaurant & Bar

Pick up service (Reservation)


Loaf Bowl



Happy Hour 4:20pm-7:00pm drinks from 380yen


2 Responses to “About”

  1. Justin Dean Says:

    HELP! I’m looking for a few Japanese Professional Snowboarders that I went to Mount Hood Snowboard Camp with in the 1990s. One was named Takashi, I believe, and he was on the “Broken Rib” Team. There was a female rider named Yuki as well. We also rode with Tomo Ishikawa (“Super Rider”) and a snowboarder named Rui who was on the Sims Team at the time. I think that most were located in Hokaido. PLEASE HELP! I want to find them!

  2. Justin Dean Says:

    They also rode for a shop called “Jack-on-the-Box”



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